Friday, April 08, 2005


Wings meet So-Cal, what will they think of next? So, I've been hearing about this Orange County joint lately, apparently they make some pretty good wings. I haven't been there yet, but if you have, please give me a shout or post a review on the Cluckbucket!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Cluckbucket: Premier Advertising

Personal plug, if you are a company that is serious about serving wings at your restaurant, please consider advertising on It's a great way to reach a targeted crowd of wing lovers!

The Sun News | 03/12/2005 | Hooters will fly direct to Las Vegas

Does anyone else find it amazing that Hooters Air is doing well enough to keep expanding into different markets? I personally never thought it would last, but then again what do I know. The big bummer however, is that apparently they still don't serve wings on the flight...

Also, Hooters casino in Vegas is still set to open in 2006, do wings and gambling mix?

Willamette Week Online Food & Drink AN EDIBLE BLITZKRIEG OF NEW BINGE HALLS! The Battle of the BULGE

Fire On the Mountain Buffalo Wings in Portland again gets some positive local pub. My co-workers and I made our monthly trek to Fire on the Mountain on Wednesday and this place absolutely rocks! They pay a great amount of attention to their food so while it might not be speedy, it is most definitely worth the wait! They have a good lunch special with 6 wings, fries, and a pop for $6/7 bucks. We each got one of those and then split another order of wings so we got about all we could handle for $10 a pop. Keep on cranking out the great wings guys!!!