Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wingstop Hits One-Billion Chicken Wings

Remember back in the day when your local McDonald's used to have a "X million served" sign out front? Well, The Wingstop has just eclipsed a major milestone in that it's served over 1 billion wings since inception in 1994. With locations now in over 27 states, The Wingstop is continues to be on a major growth surge and is spreading its wings at a very rapid pace...

Wingstop Hits One-Billion Chicken Wings

Casinos and Wings

Was in Vegas over Memorial Day weekend and came across a beautiful sight, a wing joint in a casino. Yep, apparently the Wing Stop has landed at Green Valley Ranch Casino and Resort which is off the strip a little ways, but a very nice place. What better way to cast your sorrows away after losing than with a nice batch of chicken.

Check it out: