Sunday, July 17, 2005

Upcoming Movie about the Wing Bowl?

Our sources indicate that there is an upcoming film in the works that will center around the wildly popular Wing Bowl. The Wing Bowl is the annual event held at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia in which several contestants participate in an all-out, 30 minute wing eating battle. Apparently the film will center around Bill "El Winador" Simmons, the longime champion of the event. Stay tuned for more...

1st Ever "Wing Tasting"

Suns announce "Wing Fling 2005" - OurSports Central

Following on the widespread popularity of wine tasting events the Hagerstown Suns, a Mets class A affiliate in Maryland, have scheduled the first ever "wing tasting" event. While there have been plenty of wing-offs in the past, this is the first time I've ever heard it called a wing tasting. They will have about ten restaurants competing for the ilustrious best wing title. Go check it out on July 22nd from 6:00-10:00. Thanks for the lead Wade!

Peace, love, and grease!
Scott "The Cluckbucket" Roth

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Wings in Billings

Winging it: Buffalo Wild Wings latest franchise restaurant to come to Billings -

Billings, Montana now has a BW3, can someone in Portland, OR please step up to the plate and open up a location? Actually, don't and I'll talk to the folks at Fire on the Mountain to see if they can open a location across from every Starbucks!

Buffalo Wild Wings shares up on a strong quarter

Buffalo Wild Wings hikes 2Q outlook

Not only are people eating more wings than ever, but BW3 was able to get their wings at a couple of cents less per pound than normal and the combination lead to a great financial quarter. BW3 paid about $1.14 per pound for wings this quarter which still continues to astonish me. You have to figure that BW3 is probably one of the 2nd or 3rd largest purchasers of wings in the world and that's the best deal that they can swing. Does anybody remember the good ole' days three or four years ago when wings never cost more than $.99/pound???

I love the fact that wings are popular now, but I want my good prices back!!!

The other thing of astonishment for me is that there are financial analysts that are covering the world of wings. How cool is that? I'm waiting for my call from them to weigh in on non-financial wing trends... :-)

Peace, love, and grease!

Scott "The Cluckbucket" Roth

Monday, July 04, 2005

International Federation of Competitive Eating - IFOCE - Nathan's Famous Resource Center

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Championships

Just another days work for Takeru Kobayashi as he destroyed the American field for his 5th straight World Hot Dog Eating Championship. While he didn't break his own world record, the noticably stronger Kobayashi calmly put away 49 hot dogs in 12 minutes. The closest runners up were Sonya Thomas (36 hot dogs) and rookie Joey Chestnut (32 hot dogs). A sign that things are changing, noticably out of the top contenders were the old standbys, Ed Cookie Jarvis, Eric Badlands Booker, Rich and Carlene LeFevre, Charles Hardy, and Crazy Legs Conti. One of the coolest new features of the contest was the helmet cam that Eater X Janus wore. The helmet recorded what he was seeing while also capturing a rear-view mirror that looked back at his face. For the fourth year in a row the contest aired live on ESPN. Man, I love America!