Monday, July 14, 2003

Okay, time to talk chicken. Can't all chicken wing fans just get along? I've seen some pretty heated debates lately about traditional versus non-traditional wings. The traditionalist camp would like to believe that the Anchor Bar way of making wings is the only way to go; naked wings (non-breaded), fried, and tossed in a hot sauce/butter combination. On the other side, the non-traditionalists have opened up to such options as breaded wings, grilled/smoked wings, and such sauces as teriyaki, garlic parmesean, and BBQ.

Another thorny issue is what Hooters has done for the buffalo wing world. Many traditionalists don't even consider Hooters' wings to be "buffalo wings". While I can agree that sometimes the breading at Hooters does get in the way, I think its impossible to deny the benefit that they have had to the wing world at large. Their focus on the wing (with such things as tiered wing pricing) and widespread growth (although they still don't have one in Portland, OR; punks!) have helped to spread the goodness of the wing to the mainstream market.

I say that sticking to your guns and eating wings the way you like them is the way to go. Forget what others say, traditional or non-traditional, just eat the wingy!!!

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